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Welcome to Shad Base, the home of Shadman! It's a messed up hive of decadence that has been ruining the young since 2009. This site is liable for giving Rule 34 pornography to teenagers everywhere throughout the world. In the event that you don't have the foggiest idea what Rule 34 is, fundamentally its home-made pornography for mainstream film and TV show characters, generally in animation structure.

The wiped out screw that began Shadbase is named Shaddai Prejean otherwise known as "ShadMan", an alum of workmanship school who evidently couldn't get any work and needed to fall back on making Pokémon and The Incredibles pornography to take care of his understudy advances. All things considered, it worked, since he's presumably overflowing with a ton of money dependent on his site getting a large number of perspectives.

Shad Base began in the awesome universe of Newgrounds, a go-to site for Flash pornography and games during the 2000s. From that point, he extended his quality to different spots like YouTube and Facebook, in spite of the fact that his craft remains at where you can discover all his wiped out animation porno.

Today, Shadbase is a webcomic domain with an excessively well known YouTube channel, Shadbase stock, a flourishing network, and huge amounts of funnies. I need to state this isn't a pornography site, however extremely simply the landing page for a craftsman who happens to adore drawing porno.

The funnies are generally little pieces, with for all intents and purposes no plot or not too bad jokes. A great deal of the funnies have the standard plot of "young lady exists, young lady gets assaulted, winds up appreciating it". It's surely disputable, and would get restricted in specific nations, however we live in America where we praise our opportunity to snap off to racists getting assaulted by dark dicks continually.

The Art Gallery of Degeneracy is a grandstand of the craftsman's work. After arriving on the site you'll be blessed to receive a human centipede comic of three bitches, and well, that should reveal to you where this is going.

The primary connections incorporate the craftsmanship chronicles, non-pornography (who cares the slightest bit), an about page, connections to the next substance entries (YouTube, Twitter, and so on.), a gift interface, a gathering, and a shop. The majority of this poop we are going to screwing disregard since it won't assist us with busting a nut.

Going into the chronicle, you'll see a wide assortment of classifications. Not the entirety of this is pornography, yet its vast majority is. We have funnies, livelinesss, and plain old pictures, speaking to poo like Yuri, traps, savagery, and that's just the beginning. These classes have huge amounts of substance recorded by date.

At the base of every craftsmanship is a gigantic remarks area, and you'll discover how mainstream this spot is. Many remarks for each work and god comprehends what the hell they are in any event, discussing.

On the correct side of the page is a lot of connections to the craftsman's Instagram, Steam account, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. This craftsman is a screwing prostitute with regards to online networking, so on the off chance that you become a fan, well done you can follow the poop out of him.

A great deal of dark dicks assaulting individuals

Since Shadbase is about the craftsman, how about we talk about the substance. Most importantly, the craftsman has proficient ability. As I stated, he's prepared from craftsmanship school, however as opposed to going to work for Disney or some crap he chose to make genuine messed up animation pornography for monstrosities everywhere throughout the world.

There's many craftsmanship styles. Its vast majority is standard webcomic poop, yet there are likewise livelinesss, 3D work, and various styles. A great deal of the crap is Rule 34, and the craftsman works superbly of regarding the first workmanship style. The Incredibles pornography resembles The Incredibles, the Simpsons pornography resembles the Simpsons, and so on.

Commonly, webcomics will have jokes or possibly a coherent story, however Shadbase doesn't give a fuck about this sort of poop. A large portion of these "funnies" will simply be some bitch remaining there in different phases of disrobe, or some young lady getting assaulted by dark dicks.

Talking about dark dicks, Shadbase makes a decent attempt to be tense. We are talking relentless assault, prejudice, sexism, and so on. I don't have the foggiest idea whether the craftsman just truly adores drawing dark roosters, however a typical plot is essentially a character thinking "gracious screw no chance will that dark dick will fit inside!", and afterward immediately getting assaulted by said dark dick. Steven Spielberg ain't got poop on Shadbase.

So if getting outraged is your thing, don't go to Shadbase. The craftsman's concept of an unexpected development is having the character sucking on a chicken, and afterward an unexpected rooster crushing through her from behind. I get it's amusing when you consider it.

Like I stated, not all things are pornography. You'll locate some abnormal satire content for crap like Super Mario or in any event, screwing Gordon Ramsey that have extremely crappy jokes and characters who keep their garments on. The workmanship's truly acceptable, however the story and jokes are screwing trash, so there's that.

What I Like

Shadbase is brimming with character and uniqueness. The normal individual won't go to Shadbase to discover extraordinary pornography and beat off, but instead this site is increasingly about investigating this insane craftsman's brain and work. He certainly invests a great deal of energy and detail into this crap, which you won't find in most pornography kid's shows/funnies.

This truly sparkles when you understand all the thumbnails in the exhibition are of the characters' countenances, as opposed to their titties or ass. The characters show great articulations, and the colorwork and all that poop is amazing. It's conspicuous he thinks about his specialty.

There's likewise a tremendous network. You know there are some frenzied fans on Shadbase's dick when the YouTube clasps of the fucker drawing gets a large portion of a million perspectives. Don't have the foggiest idea what's so engaging about observing some person draw assault dreams, however whatever is some tea.

The Rule 34 crap is likely the best piece of Shadbase. The workmanship is extraordinary, and the characters truly resemble their unique partners. There's even craft of Pickle Rick sliding in the middle of Summer's titties, and you can best accept they look simply as they do on TV.

At long last, all the substance is free. The craftsman has a colossal chronicle of all their past works facilitated on, and I didn't locate any limited access or anything like that. I think the craftsman has enough draw to bring in large cash by compelling enrollment, so great on him for not doing that. A Patreon would make screwing bank, however it clearly got shut down.

What I Hate

There's some irritating promotions on the page, however fortunately no pop-ups. I can tell that the craftsman put forth a valiant effort to limit advertisements, yet there are as yet numerous promotions annoyingly sprinkled around the spot.

In the event that you aren't into the pornography style, try not to go to Shadbase for the substance. The narratives and jokes are screwing trash, on the off chance that you can even consider it that. The best "plot" I had the option to discover is some young lady playing Pokémon Go and afterward getting chloroformed and assaulted. Of course, in light of the films I've observed of late, this poo could win Best Picture.


To start with, Shadbase should simply dispose of the non-pornography content. It is an exercise in futility and transmission capacity. On the off chance that he truly prefers it, he should open up a different site for it that doesn't have so much pornography promotions and irritating poo like that.

Shadbase likewise continually requests cash, regardless of whether it's through gifts or merchandise. I get the possibility of the "destitute craftsman" however dependent on this current person's YouTube sees and the enormous network, I don't believe he's stinging much for money. Simple on the peddling.

I oppose what you draw, yet I will guard to the passing your entitlement to draw it

In general, Shadbase is the thing that happens when you cross a total ruffian with some imaginative ability. The truth of the matter is that the vast majority who appreciate observing minimal underage young ladies get screwed in the ass by a lot of dark dicks likely doesn't have a lot of ability or capacity to offer the world, however this is the place Shadbase sticks out.

There is some genuine certifiable ability here, also a ton of enthusiasm. The workmanship is carefully done, and the craftsman gets nothing not exactly an A for exertion. From the articulations to the hues, Shadbase funnies are a work of affection, and it shows how they've accumulated such a large number of fans as the years progressed.

At long last, I need to state this is the best assortment of The Incredibles pornography you will discover anyplace. In the event that you need to see Elastigirl and her bitch emotional girl get stripped and screwed while utilizing their forces and poo, Shadbase (regularly incorrectly spelled as "shadebase", "shadbade", "shadvase" and "shadbse") is a strong spot to go.

It ain't my some tea, yet I regard it. Decadence and workmanship will in general go connected at the hip, and this is the place Shadbase is a chief.