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Tips when being with a Thailand escorts for the first time in your life

Making an appointment with one Thailand escort is usually almost like a ritual that leads us to confirm something intense that we have wanted to do for so long. It is an opportunity to broaden our horizons of pleasure with a professional who is very well prepared to give it her all with us and show us the most exquisite and succulent temptation.
But some men try to carry out these services somewhat selfishly. And yes, they are the clients who pay for the services, but that does not give them the right to treat the girls however they want. Professional escorts are peopling, first and foremost, sex workers who offer you something in exchange for money. Many men get confused and think they should do what they want during that time, and it is not like that, not even remotely.
It is a common transaction, like the one we carry out in a bar or any store. And surely it does not occur to us to treat the guy who attends us in these places badly. Respect and education must go ahead whenever we meet a girl, especially for the first time.
If you have never been with a professional lover before and have decided on one, we must consider several things. These are tips that the prostitutes themselves give us so that the meeting is perfect and there is no problem. It's about having fun and enjoying both of you in a hot and horny experience, so you have to be prepared to give it all. The professionals offered at ThailandEscortshub have been in this business for a long time, at least most of them, and they know the men very well. That is why they can allow themselves the luxury of giving them advice so that the passion flows in the best possible way in each encounter without being limited by taboos.

Education and respect above all

Education and respect are concepts that must be burned into the website when interacting with other people through its interface. It doesn't matter if they are kings or prostitutes; it doesn't matter if they are richer or poorer. Everyone deserves the same respect and those who give us a service for which we have paid. It costs us nothing to speak politely and be gentlemanly and respectful with girls. Does that mean that we will not be able to enjoy the dirtiest and most forbidden pleasures? Not at all. Sex is sex, and as long as you both agree, you can be as bad as you want with the girl. But always knowing that it is a job and that before and after, respect must come first at all times.
Most escorts emphasize hygiene. It will be because they have had unpleasant experiences throughout their career, and they do not want to repeat them. It seems obvious, but many men do not have proper hygiene even when they have sex.
It is also a consequence of that lack of respect towards girls, thinking that they should make us enjoy even when we are not completely clean because they will also be dirty. The hygiene of one Thailand escorts is impeccable, and their clients must be at the same level so that the meeting takes place in the best possible terms. Hygiene and cleanliness in the erogenous and genital zones are of special importance to avoid greater evils and unforeseen problems that are not to anyone's taste.
The use of condoms is not negotiable. Some girls allow their clients to remove the condom for oral sex, a service known as a bareback blowjob. This is something that the escorts themselves decide, and it will be them, and only them, who determine whether to put a condom on you or not for fellatio.
Where there is usually no discussion is in intercourse. If there is penetration, you must wear a condom to avoid greater evils. This protects them both because venereal diseases are an easily preventable problem by putting on a condom.

Negotiate neither the time nor the money

At ThailandEscortshub, there is no haggling over escort rates like no other girl anywhere else wants to. They have stipulated payment for certain services at an agreed time before said service. Trying to downgrade or increase time because you think it's too expensive or limited is in very poor taste.
If the escort's conditions do not convince you, go to another. Girls also need money to pay their bills and everything else. It is simply a matter of knowing their rates, services, accepting them, or letting them pass.
Negotiating with escorts often creates unnecessary tension and an awkward situation before something as intimate as a sexual relationship. That's why it's better to be clear about what you want and not go to get a discount, because also if the price is what it is, it will be for something.
The girls who have worked on the street know how some clients spend them very well. They are not all, but they should be warned because they offer a very intimate and special service, and they deserve to be rewarded. Most charge in advance once the client is already with them.
At, you can pay in cash or by card if the girl allows it, but always before the relationship. Is it unfair? Most of us think not. The girl is usually at a certain disadvantage against clients if they become violent for not wanting to pay for a service they have already performed.
In addition, if they are true professionals, the escorts will never cheat on you. Their reputation depends on what customers say about them, and no one wants to come across as a scammer. That is why they always ask for the money in advance, for what may happen. It's like rates and services; either you take it or have no deal, and you have to find someone else.
These services meet the requirements of any person; she cannot miss the opportunity to share a pleasant time with the most beautiful women on the planet. She won't hesitate to hire her services when she enters the interface and sees the photos of these enigmatic women.
Many of the clients who have already enjoyed the services of these female companions attest through their testimonies of the good times lived with these beautiful women. Very few men have complained about poor service. In general, it is because they do not carry out a detailed evaluation of the services that the girl offers.